IRS Tax Defense and

Legal Malpractice

A Trial and Appellate Firm

The Minns Law Firm is a trial and appellate firm with a focus on Criminal Tax Defense, some Civil Tax Defense Issues,  IRS Tax Controversies, Legal Malpractice, Accounting Malpractice cases, major injuries, and injustices. 

The United States Tax Code is arbitrary, highly politicized, confusing and unfair. Ambiguities are often used by the government to rob and imprison innocent citizens. Bully tactics are often used to intimidate witnesses into exaggerations, and worse, lies.

“Justice is the most important interest of men on earth.” –Daniel Webster.

The Inventor of an American weapon. A patriot. Utah.
A quadriplegic in a wheel-chair. San Antonio
1300 airline pilots. Heroes of WWII all over America.
The church organ player and her husband, the minister. Colorado.
A coal miner out of London, Kentucky.
A WWII soldier, hero, on kidney dialysis support in Hawaii.
A minister in Arkansas.
A reporter in California.
A truck driver out of Boston, his wife and daughter.
An enrolled agent in Houston.
An accountant in Dallas.
An old milkman in Jersey.
The CEO of QTMM. Phoenix and Dallas.
An Air Traffic Controller. 

They are the reason I go to work. The reason I go to trial. Everyone of them at one time or another were advised to plead guilty by experts. Everyone of them were innocent and were found innocent. Everyone had been betrayed by the experts they paid, by the government they trusted or by the laws they tried to understand and follow.

Bullies in government. Bullies working for the IRS. Bullies who make up their own rules. I defend the innocent from these bullies.

When a jury breathes life into the Constitution and opens eyes and hearts to the truth, justice will prevail. For the innocent citizen brave enough to fight and speak the truth, I have a calling to give them their day in court.